We are experienced in providing you professional & quality
apparel trade printing service.


If you are looking for an affordable and experienced trade printing business to print on your apparel in Toronto, Best Deal Graphics and Printing is the best and fastest trade printer you can find. We do not only print on paper but on fabric as well! Should you need our help to create a custom promotional item with apparel such as t-shirts, sweaters, tanks tops or anything else, we will make sure you get 100% satisfaction. You need to get your company logo on a shirt for promotional and advertising purpose? We will work together to bring your vision into reality. Whether you need 100 t-shirts or 10,000, we can handle projects of any size.

Why should you choose Best Deal Graphics and Printing for apparel ?

Working with Best Deal Graphics and Printing is a guarantee of success for your apparel printing project. From confirmation of quotation to lightning-fast delivery, we constantly monitor each step of printing and work side by side with you, to make sure you get the results you want. Like on the paper, you will get an impeccable quality of printing at the most affordable price. In order to ensure your project’s quality, we also use the latest printing equipment specially made for printing on fabric. Finally, as we care about the environment, we only use soy-based and vegetable-based inks for all of our projects.

For customized apparel printing of the best quality at the lowest price in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact Best Deal Graphics and Printing and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote!