Interscrew Binding

Interscrew Binding

Also known as Chicago screw binding or screw post binding, interscrew binding is a type of bookbinding method that uses metal screws to hold together a collection of pages.This makes it a practical choice for documents that need frequent updates or modifications, such as manuals, portfolios, and presentation materials. Interscrew binding does offer a durable and professional solution for securing loose pages together. 

Finally, interscrew binding is commonly used in industries like design, architecture, photography, and marketing. It is also a popular choice for creating sample books and swatch books.

Get the best binding for your print project with personalized interscrew binding!

At Best Deals Graphics and Printing, we take great pride in offering you the best binding solution for all your publishing and printing needs. Here's an overview of the interscrew binding process:

  • Preparation: To begin, the pages of the document are hole-punched along one edge. Typically, two or more holes are punched, depending on the size and length of the document.
  • Screw Posts: Interscrew binding uses screw posts, which are usually made of metal, to hold the pages together. Each screw post consists of two parts: a threaded post with a flat head on one end and a threaded screw on the other end.
  • Assembly: The hole-punched pages are placed over the screw posts, and the posts are then aligned through the holes.
  • Tightening: Once the posts are inserted through all the holes, the screws are threaded into the posts from the opposite side. By tightening the screws, the posts securely hold the pages together, creating a bound document.

No project is too big for Best Deals Graphics and Printing! If you wish to have interscrew binding for your printing project, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our design team will assist you with your trade printing project every step of the way. Get a quote online and obtain free shipping everywhere in Canada!

  • High quality printing
  • Low startup quantity (minimum 500)
  • Available on 100% recycled paper
  • Available with Glossy and matt finish
  • Available in custom sizes

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