Sewn Binding

Sewn Binding

Sewn binding refers to a method of bookbinding where the pages of a book are literally sewn together. This technique is often used in high-quality books, such as hardcovers, to ensure durability and a longer lifespan. 

Sewn binding is highly regarded because it allows books to lay flat when open, which is particularly useful for textbooks, notebooks, and high-use volumes. It also contributes to the durability of the book, as sewn bindings are more durable and less likely to have pages fall out compared to other binding methods like perfect binding (where the pages are just glued together). However, sewn binding is typically more expensive due to the labor and craftsmanship involved.

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As a trade printing expert, we take each binding process very seriously, so that your clients’ demands go beyond their expectations. Here’s an general overview of the sewn binding process:

  • Gathering pages: The book’s pages are printed and then folded into sections, often called signatures. A signature typically consists of several small sheets of paper, which, when folded, form a group of pages.
  • Sewing: Then, the signatures are sewn together. This can be done by hand or with a machine. The sewing process involves stitching through the folded edge of each signature, often along the spine, and then connecting each signature to the next. This creates a strong bond that holds the pages together securely.
  • Attaching to the cover: After the signatures are sewn together, they are glued to the spine of the book cover. In high-quality books, this may involve additional reinforcement, such as a cloth backing or mull that is glued to the spine of the book block and then attached to the spine of the cover.
  • Finishing touches: Finally, the book is trimmed to size if necessary, and any additional features, such as a ribbon marker or headbands, are added.
  • High quality printing
  • Low startup quantity (minimum 500)
  • Available on 100% recycled paper
  • Available with Glossy and matt finish
  • Available in custom sizes
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