This week is Earth Week in anticipation of Earth Day on Sunday, April 22. Earth Day is a global campaign geared towards raising awareness as well as showing our appreciation for Mother Nature. Best Deal Print and Packaging remains fully committed to this cause. Here, printing entails the traditional use of soy and other vegetable-based inks, and other print consumables are obtained only from suppliers who are just as dedicated to the environment as we are. And we’re proud to be FSC-, PEFC-, and SFI-certified!

In spirit of Earth Day, of raising awareness and doing our part, we would like to share with you photographs that remind us of how awesome Mother Nature is, the continued efforts to use renewable energy sources, and how much more there is left to do:

These pictures inspire us to take action for the greener good. Starting small, our team of bloggers are taking on the challenge of using re-usable mugs and tumblers to purchase our coffee. (FYI – Starbucks takes 10 cents off your drink if you bring your mug. Win-win!) What did you think of these pictures? What are your personal challenges or tips to being more environmentally-friendly?

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