Eyeletting / Grommeting

Get the best finishing for your print project with customized eyeletting and grommeting!

Eyeletting / Grommeting

Eyeletting and grommeting finish come in a variety of sizes and materials and are used with flick books, tickets, tags, spinners, documents and more.

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When presenting a new project, working on a manuscript, or simply creating a presentation for your business, you want your print project to look impeccable. Print eyelets and grommets can be used on swing tickets, tags, wheel charts, spinners, flick books, securing legal documents, and much more. Using eyeletting print finishing and grommeting print finishing gives a sense of prestige and professionalism, but is also very practical with large size banners; it allows you to put them up without tearing the material down. Eyelets and grommets are available in a variety of sizes and material to fit your needs.

No project is too big for Best Deals Graphics and Printing! If you wish to have an eyelet print finishing or grommeting print finishing for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our design team will assist you with your trade printing project every step of the way. Get a quote online and obtain free shipping everywhere in Canada !

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