Pearlescent Coating

Pearlescent Coating

In trade printing, a pearlescent coating refers to a specialized type of coating or ink that adds a pearlescent or iridescent effect to printed materials. It creates a soft and shimmering appearance, similar to the way light interacts with the surface of a pearl. Pearlescent coatings in printing are used to enhance the visual appeal of printed products, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Pearlescent finish is particularly in demand for luxury branding and marketing, as the shimmering effect adds a premium and visually captivating touch to the printed products. Pearlescent coatings in printing are commonly used for various applications : 

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The pearlescent effect is achieved by incorporating special pigments or additives into the coating or ink. These pigments are typically made from mica flakes or synthetic materials coated with metal oxides. Pearlescent coatings in printing can be applied through various techniques, including:

  • Spot Varnish: A spot varnish is a clear coating applied selectively to specific areas of the printed design. By applying a pearlescent spot varnish, only those chosen areas will have the shimmering effect, creating a contrast with the non-coated portions of the print.
  • Overprint: Pearlescent coatings can also be applied as an overprint, covering the entire printed surface uniformly. This method gives the entire design a consistent pearlescent appearance.
  • Metallic Inks with Pearlescent Additives: Pearlescent effects can be incorporated into metallic inks to create a unique combination of metallic shine and iridescence.
  • Specialty Coatings: Printing companies may offer specialty coatings that can be applied after the printing process to achieve the pearlescent effect.

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  • High quality printing
  • Low startup quantity (minimum 500)
  • Available on 100% recycled paper
  • Available with Glossy and matt finish
  • Available in custom sizes

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