Sculptured Finish

Sculptured Finish

In the context of printing, sculptured finish refers to a specialized process that adds a three-dimensional, tactile, and embossed effect to printed materials. It involves the creation of raised or textured elements on the surface of the printed piece, giving it a unique and visually appealing appearance. Sculptured finish adds a premium and tactile feel to the piece, making it stand out and creating a memorable experience for the recipients. It is often employed in projects where an elegant and visually engaging finishing is desired to leave a lasting impression on the audience. 

This technique can be used to enhance various printed materials including: 

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The sculptured finishing process typically involves the use of special equipment, such as embossing machines or sculptured coatings, to achieve the desired effect. Here's a general overview of how sculptured finishing is accomplished:

  • Design preparation: A specific design or pattern is created, where certain elements are meant to be raised or textured. This design is usually prepared using graphic design software.
  • Die creation: A custom-made metal die or plate is produced based on the design. The die carries the negative image of the areas that should be raised on the printed piece.
  • Printing: The printing process is carried out using conventional printing techniques, such as offset or digital printing, to transfer the design onto the paper or other printing material.
  • Embossing or application of sculptured coatings: After the printing is complete, the paper is passed through an embossing machine or coated with sculptured coatings. The custom-made die is used in conjunction with pressure and heat to create the raised or textured effect on the printed areas. Sculptured coatings are applied similarly to achieve the desired texture.
  • Drying and finishing: The printed and sculptured piece is allowed to dry, and any additional finishing processes, such as cutting, trimming, or binding, are carried out to complete the final product.

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  • High quality printing
  • Low startup quantity (minimum 500)
  • Available on 100% recycled paper
  • Available with Glossy and matt finish
  • Available in custom sizes

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