Thermography is a specialized printing technique used to create raised, textured, and glossy designs on printed materials. It involves applying a special powder (thermographic powder) to wet ink or other printing materials and then heating the powder to create a raised effect as it fuses with the ink. The result is a distinctive raised texture that adds a tactile and premium appearance to the printed piece.
Thermography is commonly used in various printed materials to add a sense of elegance and sophistication. It is often applied to business cards, invitations, letterheads, packaging, and other high-end promotional materials. The raised texture not only enhances the visual appeal of the design but also provides a tactile experience for the recipient, making the printed piece stand out and leaving a lasting impression.

Get the best finishing for your print project with personalized thermography finish!

As a trade printing specialist, we take each step of any printing project very seriously. The process of creating thermography finish involves the following steps:

  • Design Preparation: The artwork or design is created, incorporating the areas where the thermographic effect will be applied. These areas are usually represented as solid shapes or lines.
  • Printing: The design is printed using traditional printing methods such as offset printing or letterpress. Special thermographic inks, which contain the thermographic powder, are used in this process.
  • Application of Thermographic Powder: While the ink is still wet, the thermographic powder is sprinkled or dusted onto the printed areas. The powder adheres to the wet ink.
  • Heat Application: The printed material, with the thermographic powder on it, is passed through a heating process. The powder is melted and fuses with the ink, creating the raised texture as it cools and solidifies.
  • Cooling and Finishing: After the heating process, the printed piece is allowed to cool and set. Any excess thermographic powder is removed, leaving behind the finished product with the raised and glossy design elements.

No project is too big for Best Deals Graphics and Printing! If you want a thermography finish for your print or packaging project, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our design team will assist you with your trade printing project every step of the way. Get a quote online and obtain free shipping everywhere in Canada!

  • High quality printing
  • Low startup quantity (minimum 500)
  • Available on 100% recycled paper
  • Available with Glossy and matt finish
  • Available in custom sizes

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