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Finishing Services

The extensive range and variety of print services & products we produce, fully reflects the facilities available to customers at BD Print.
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Our finishing options

BD Print handles all your printing projects from beginning to end with detail and attention. Once your choice of printing method is selected, we perform all the finishing touches to perfect your project in bindery. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your manuals, reports, brochures and forms are completed on time and on budget. Our wide range of custom finishing capabilities and helpful experts will help bring your marketing dreams to life. Here are just a few of the custom printing options available:

Die Cutting

Die cutting is mostly used for traditional printing, but it also adds something unique and interactive to your job. Die-cut printing has the ability to cut any shape that you want for your printed material. The BD Print die-cutting process starts with sharp steel rules that cut special shapes for labels, boxes and containers, from printed sheets. We can create and cut any shape you can imagine!

Specialty Glueing & Hand Finishing

Best Deal offers a gluing service using our multiple speciality gluers, which broadens our ability to offer a one-stop shop for your packaging and point-of-sale requirements – all with confidentiality guaranteed. The machine can be used for many box styles and size combinations, including four corner and crash lock glued cartons. We also operate a semi-automatic hot-melt gluing machine that caters for most large format display and packaging requirements. Our pattern gluer significantly increases productivity and helps alleviate the bottleneck normally associated with hand gluing. The large format size of the machine allows precise application of adhesive and therefore giving the ability broader scope to exploit its manufacturing specialties.

Folding Services

BD Print

Folding Services

  • 8 Page Parallel over and outer fold (Roll fold)
  • Double gate fold (Open)
  • 8 Page concertina fold
  • Double gate fold (Closed)
  • 8 Page right angle fold or french fold
  • 6 Page standard fold
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Bindery Services

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BD Print

Saddle Stitich

Saddle stitch binding is a very popular bindery style which consists in folded pages that are gathered together one inside the other to be stapled afterwards. Ideal for pamphlets, booklets, menus, and textbooks.
BD Print

Loop Stitching

Less known in the binding market, loop stitching binding is a staple or wire stitching method where the wire is stitched through your document, but with extra loops of wire on the spine to enable your print project to be bound in a ring binder or later threaded together.
BD Print

Side Wire Stitching

Similar to saddle stitching, side wire stitching binding is the binding method where staples being are inserted into the top of the gathered sheets or pages and pressed down vertically until it reaches the back side of the booklet.


BD Print

Perfect Binding

Also called an adhesive binding, the perfect binding uses an adhesive to hold the pages together. This is the ideal type of bindery for paperback books, catalogs, menus and more.
BD Print

PUR Bindery

PUR Bindery refers to a softcover binding that uses Polyurethane Reactive adhesive, where the pages and cover are glued together at the spine of the book. Perfect for booklets, softcover books, manuals, and pamphlets.
BD Print

Hardcover Bindery

Also called case binding, hardcover bindery refers to building a book block of pre-cutted loose sheets to are either adhesive bound or sewn along the book’s spine. Perfect for manuals, novels, and reference books with 60 pages and more.


BD Print

Standard Wire-O

Also called spiral binding, the standard wire-O binding comprises a set of wire of plastic or metal loops inserted into punched holes, along the binding edges of pages. Ideal for notebooks, textbooks, cooking books, and more!
BD Print

Double Loop Wire-O

Double loop wire-o binding has a signature hole pattern of two holes per inche or three holes per inch, depending of your printing project’s thickness. Ideal for manuals, notebooks, and cookbooks. Available in a variety of colors.
BD Print

Half-Canadian Wire-O

The Half-Canadian Wire-O binding refers to hiding the binding almost completely, by utilizing a wrap-around card cover, leaving a tiny curve of wire exposed on the back. Perfect for a unique style for your catalogues and manuals.
BD Print

Full Canadian Wire-O

The full canadian wire-o binding has the wire exposed on the front cover, as well as the back. It has the wire fully concealed by using a 6pp or 8pp cover. It is the ideal technique for manual, agendas, cookbooks, and textbooks.
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Plastic Spiral

Plastic spiral binding is the most cost-effective and popular way of binding documents. Holes are perforated in your print project to put in the plastic coil so your document can lay on a 360 degree angle without risk of damaging.

Kitting Services

Easily Kit or Bundle Materials Together
BD Print

Kit and bundle items into the perfect package

Flexible approaches to kit management

Whether you need kits created just-in-time for individual mailings, or need multiple kits pre-assembled and inventoried to go out as orders come in, we can handle this task for you easily and accurately. Tell us what you need, and we’ll get it done!

Impress your audience with a complete content experience.

  • Bundle Items: You need to ship items together, but the sequence doesn’t matter.
  • Kit Items: You want to ship items together in a particular, shrinkwrapped sequence.

Build the Ideal Kit

Kit together items for your next event, training session, or store opening

Our Workflow

Our success at Best Deal Graphics & Printing depends on your success. At every step of the process, we strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations on price, service, support, and quality. To achieve that, we listen to our clients and understand their needs. We aim to provide the best prices, prompt service, and top quality to ensure that your business remains highly profitable.

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