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Offset Printing

Best Deals Graphic and Printing uses offset printing to offer our clients top printing quality in Toronto, Ontario and Canada. Invented in 1875, offset printing is now the most commonly used printing technique. Of course, since the 19th century, techniques and equipment have evolved. Offset printing machines are economically best suited for large volumes of superior quality print. Offset presses use computers that plate systems in order to get the best quality. One of the main advantages of offset printing is the high image quality: it produces a cleaner and sharper image than any other printing technique. Best Deals Graphic and Printing wants to help you bring your ideas to reality; this is why we only use the latest equipment for all our printing.

Why should you choose offset print?

Offset printing offers superior print quality combined with competitive prices. However, Best Deals Graphic and Printing is not all about offset print and quick printing. For over 30 years, we built our solid reputation on our excellent customer service. We believe that taking the time to listen to and understand people’s needs helps us deliver better results. We build business relationships based on support and understanding. We want to help you expand your business by giving you the tools that will give you confidence. We are committed, as a trade printer to support our clients each step of the way. From the confirmation of quotation to fast turnaround delivery, we guarantee our full collaboration in your printing project. Whether it is for restaurant menus, posters, magnets or business cards, no project is too small or too big. Since we are exclusive to professional printing alone, we are committed to absolute discretion; we respect clients’ privacy and will never publicize prices not seek out retail clients. If you have a printing project in mind that requires offset print expertise in Toronto, Ontario and Canada, Best Deals Graphic and Printing will deliver superior quality printing, remarkable customer service and competitive prices. Do not hesitate to send us a request, which we will reply to within 24 hours.